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The organizers I and II of the modern Olympic games Boxing was considered too barbaric sport, so the competition it was part of the Olympics only since 1904, and it was only because he was by this time extremely popular in America. However, the box soon expelled from the program. A permanent Olympic discipline it became in 1920.

Part boxers to justify their losses like to use the term “uncomfortable opponent”. While referring to fighting, such a meeting between Stevenson and Vysotsky. Stevenson � 4-time world champion, 3-time Olympic champion. Igor Vysotsky once won the championship of the Union. One day they met in the ring and Vysotsky twice knocked out Stevenson.

I know from my own experience that awkward opponent � this is the one that beats you. And if not humor, to the awkward opponent � this is the legend created in order to hide their tactical unpreparedness. It all depends on the tactics employed in this battle. If the tactics are correct, then all opponents for you convenient. Consider this example. Boxers are uncomfortable opponents are considered high athletes. They have long arms, so they can repel the attacks of the enemy at a distance. But at close range the long arm is a minus athlete to get confused by them begins. But at close range it is difficult to break � the opponent can always retreat. So, if the right to build a tactic, then we must force him to attack and to work in a counterattack. And then high the enemy will immediately become a convenient enemy.

We used to have all the teams performed. And the Russian team competition was and allied. And each boxer was a big responsibility all right, if he loses, but still the command fails. In the 70ies was held the world championship in Havana. The Cubans were in the lead � 6 gold medals. And our boxer Vasily Solomon in the second battle damaged arm and the right, the bone cracked. Gave him a painkilling injection, something like put glove and he won three knockouts. The Cuban in Cuba won! Drugged athletes not only analgesic, but also propaganda for the country, for the Motherland � go ahead!

It often happens that the whole atmosphere of combat works better than any medication. I had a comrade � Sergei Kabanov. In the late ‘ 80s, he acted in the championship of Russia. Played well, took third place. On opening day he had a stomach ache. The pain is severe, but the next battle, it goes away, then begins again. And only a week after the presentation of medals and closing ceremonies of the guy so twisted that I had to drive to the hospital. Peritonitis, surgery, and morgue.

Well at least he died at takeoff � winner. And there is such a ridiculous death… it was in the late seventies. Roofing stones, European champion, went about their business on the train. In the car a few people got drunk and started to make trouble. He made the remark. They invited him for a conversation in the hallway. When he went there, stabbed expertly with a first time.

Many people believe that the traumatic sport is Boxing. To some extent, the confusion is justified: the constant blows to the head and body cause each other boxers often end with injuries. But in reality, the most dangerous to health and even life sport is tobogganing. According to statistics, every tenth race ends in severe injury, and in Boxing, this happens only every twentieth battle.

I’m afraid our athletes abroad, Oh so afraid. Any nasty willing to do. Gloves, hats � these things are safe. The ring is not a street fight, a piece of metal can not hide. But the food can burn. I coach Kostya tszyu said one such case. The case was abroad. Kostya met friends guys, we decided the restaurant to sit. After this meeting, the two Bones of the day was a powerful diarrhea, barely stopped. Such cases used to be quite frequent. Now the teams go with their cooks or if they are cooked the cooking process watch our special companions.

And take the case is by Odinkovy that occurred five years ago. By the time he was a champion of the twelve international tournaments. Sergei flew abroad for the next tournament � no meets. Time goes by, is-sleepy. And just at midnight came for him. Morning weigh-in, and he went to sleep about four o’clock in the night.

Right, they are afraid of us. The character of our guys fight. If you want, you will achieve. Case we had almost malievski. Went to medical school student Nikolai Shmelev. One leg was dry � his childhood polio had been ill. The guy loved Boxing, he was Boxing. Mobility, of course, as a completely healthy person. Coach Alexander Volkov brought him to the competition. Him speak: “You who brought disabled?!” “No, he is not disabled. So the doctors gave him a certificate that he can box. And once help there � so healthy.” Made a guy � and he was the winner. Great prospects he was on one leg on the ring is not run, but, nevertheless, he several times became prize-winner of superiority of the regional Council “Petrel”.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Boxing is that the gloves supposedly done to ensure that as little as possible to injure the enemy. In fact, they are primarily to protect hands from injury.

It is unclear why Boxing has established fame traumatic sport. When introduced gloves, the impact force decreased 200-fold, and then introduced the hats is again 200. And now forced to fight with gloves, not allowing to squeeze your hand into a fist. All of these innovations affect the technique of Boxing. To defend themselves because in fact they are not. And if the boxer is less protected, it means more attacks, increased the pace. The modern boxer is necessary to protect only the chin, although the impact invested the whole mass of the body, and he felt even through the helmet.

In last championship of Russia was not a single knockout. The obvious advantages with the knockdowns was not enough. Basically, all now awarded victory on points. And glasses depend on the measure of objectivity of the referees.

By the way, the new gloves were introduced to boxers less injured. But since their introduction have become more attacks, and strokes boxers started to get bigger. But each stroke, though weak, has an impact on the brain.